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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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happens to you. her oscar nominated song about sexual assault. 9news crime and justice reporter anastasiya bolton scholz us what the empowerment anthem -- shows us what the empowerment anthem could mean for the future of sexual assault education and prevention. >> i was feeling extremely unsafe. >> reporter: it takes brave people to publicly talk about surviving sexual assault on any stage, be that here in colorado or on an international stage like the oscars. tonight. >> reporter: this year the awards featured vice president joe biden, lady gaga and survivors of sexual assault, a topic advocates say many people want to avoid. >> this is an issue that has so long been kept quiet and in opening up. >> reporter: carmen carter runs the blue bench, a sexual assault. >> people listen when it's somebody that they have some respect for and they know them in a different way.
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always put on trial or always asked questions about their role in this crime and that just has to change. the community at large has to learn how to talk about it and support someone who says to them this happens to me. >> reporter: kimberly corbin is a survivor. >> every single time anyone speaks out against sexual abuse it creates a more caring culture that empowers them to come forward and get the help they need. i hope on that scale oscars are not whether you like them, that can get into a lot of people's homes. >> reporter: it takes brave people to open lip talk about surviving sexual assault. advocates hope their efforts pay off with a national culture change that leads to more reporting, more accountability and more justice for victims. anastasiya bolton, 9news.
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estimated one in four women and one in 17 men are sexually abused at some point in their lives. the blue bench, denver police and 9news did partner in a start by believing campaign to encourage people to believe victims when they first come forward. on 25 before alameda injury accident, truck hanging over the barrier. >> denver police trying to figure out how a truck came to rest dangling along the edge of the south platte river near i- 25 and alameda about 6:15 this morning. denver fire said the driver got out of the truck on his own waiting for emergency cruels when they arrived. the incident caused some congestion in the area until crews were able to pull the truck off the guardrail and back onto the roadway around 8:30. would you rather get some of your state taxes back as a refund or have the money go to schools and roads? the difference comes down to a plan from governor hickenlooper. he wants to avoid hitting the state spending limit by
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fee. as 9news political reporter brandon rittiman explains, the from the state attorney general today. >> reporter: if the governor gets his way on this budgets plan, it could determine whether you -- budget plan it, could determine whether you even get a state tax refund a couple years from now. that has turned into the biggest fight of this legislative session. republicans have fought the plan, but today the state attorney general backed up the governor in a formal opinion saying the hospital fee can legally be modified which would remove it from other the caps in the taxpayers bill of rights or tabor. the governor tried to extend an olive branch to republicans saying he's willing to negotiate on how to spend the money. >> i don't have a hard line there. i'm happy to sit down with the general assembly and say we're willing to commit a certain amount of money going to transportation and that we will go to bond again. we have to go to the voters. certainly i think if we can get
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and have no revenues, i have no problem bonding. i think the same thing with education. >> reporter: that message coming out of the governor's office may not be enough to get this done because republicans control the state senate and they argue the real root of the problem is democrats' spending priorities. >> voters and taxpayers are looking to be protected from people that are willing to take the money from their pockets and spend it wherever they want while pretending to solve their problems. for every dollar they match with obamacare is a dollar coming out of current spending for the real needs of all 5.4 coloradans. >> reporter: even though the governor got the legal go ahead from the state's republican attorney general, he wants to have the legislature as he lawyers look at what has come up that. aside this still promises to be a big political fight in the legislature. brandon rittiman, 9news. >> republicans argue even if the governor can change the hospital fee, that doesn't mean
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high as it is. today after making that change, the two sides will have more details next month when the next state tax forecast is published. a controversial interpretation of colorado's make my day law finally got the attention of state legislators today. a pair of inmates have already used the law in defense of a bloody prison killing. 9wants to know investigator chris vanderveen is with us now. a lot of interest in changing the law. >> there certainly is or maybe a tweak in the law passed unanimously out of the statehouse committee this afternoon. since 1985 colorado homeowners who kill intruders have been protected by this particular law, but last year we learned a sterling correctional facility were able to use make my day as a defense in the stabbing death of cleveland flood. wounds. since then prosecutors in two
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haven't been able to bring cases against prison assault and at least one other homicide. the key here is the wording of make my day. it says lethal force is okay when someone threatens your dwelling. so can a prison cell be a dwelling? >> i think that it was preposterous to believe that ail prison cell or jail cell could ever be viewed as a dwelling. so i think it came as a shock to all the district attorneys and the public. >> that's not your house. there's no real estate agent you get when you move into your cell or move within the prison system. >> reporter: oddly enough, one of the main critics of the law disagrees, a former legislator who crafted the make my day law in the '80s. he said he believes a prison can be a dwelling and thus good defense in a prison killing. this should go to the full house in a week or so. right now there is plenty of early support. >> okay. we'll follow item, then. thanks -- it up, then. thanks. a sheriff in southwestern
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pulled out a gun today in a school cafeteria and opened fire hitting two other kids. two other students were injured at madison local schools as they tried to get away or shrapnel from the shooting. the suspect ran from the school, threw down the gun and was apprehended nearby. none of the injuries are believed to be life threatening. on the eve of super tuesday donald trump challengers are working hard to prevent him from carrying enough states to cement his domination of the gop presidential race. in virginia protesters disrupted a trump rally. about 20 people chanted black lives matter. [ chanting ] [ crowd noise ] >> all right, folks, you can hear it once. all lives matter. [ cheering and applause ]
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>> trump is expected to win several super tuesday states. a new york judge ruled the u.s. justice department cannot force apple to provide the fbi information to unlock a phone in a drug case. the government has required apple to create software to mack the iphone of -- hack the iphone of a shooter who killed 14 people in san bernardino, california. president obama awarded the medal of honor today to a navy seal who risked his life to save a man from colorado springs. edward byers, jr. spoke after receiving the medal at the white house. he said he did not earn the recognition alone and it doesn't belong stolely to him. it comes after a mission to rescue an american civilian from the taliban in afghanistan in 2012, an operation which cost a teammate his life. >> the important thing i want to say here is everything we do is as a team. if it wasn't for that team, i wouldn't be standing here
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specifically for me my teammate, friend and brother nick c which eque, the -- nick cheque, the award is truly his. he was killed during that operation. he died a warrior and he died to bring back another american. i believe our nation owes him a debt of gratitude. >> byers is the first living active duty member of the navy to receive the medal of honor in four decades. the american rescued in that operation dr. dilip joseph, a relief worker from statement today. he's extremely happy to hear senior chief byers is receiving the medal of honor. joseph calls byers and his team examples of courage, bravery and heroism. the entire statement is posted on picture proof that elk are the ones stealing hay from a
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>> also ahead the hunting dog who helped find a missing toddler. >> and the sound of music gets new appreciation from a group of children who get to hear it
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so you know how some songs get stuck in your head and roll around forever? a denver music organization thinks that's a good thing and they've been trying to make that happen for local children for 30 years now. 9news photojournalist anne herbst is taking us inside the orchestra where even the youngest kids learn to appreciate music. >> what a great crowd. this is going to be so much fun today.
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of kids under the age of 6 to pay attention is a challenge, but it's one todd jensen is up for. >> i believe we've succeeded for 30 years. i haven't gotten canned yet. >> reporter: since its start tom has been conductor for inside the orchestra's tiny tots program where kids learn about orchestral music. >> what we're trying to do is create a love of the arts and love of the medium. this is something that is totally unique because we put the audience in and surround them with an orchestra. >> reporter: tom speaks their language. >> you like to play hide and seek? >> reporter: while teaching them a new one. >> an orchestra can sound like a band, but a band cannot sound like an orchestra why? >> reporter: it's a music lesson before many can even walk or talk or tie their shoes or bow ties. >> we're trying to seed those little minds with all these
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>> i just think it does so much for their brains and he just enjoys it. >> reporter: inside the orchestra he feels music education is so priceless cost is never an obstacle. they don't turn anyone away. >> it's a great, great way to bring live music, orchestral music to kids that normally wouldn't hear it. >> reporter: even if the music isn't always appreciated. >> over the years if there's a kid that's crying, i'll pick it up and conduct it. >> reporter: anne herbst, >> inside the orchestra's tiny tots program is taking a break in march and starts back up in april. for information about upcoming shows, look for this story on a bloodhound whose prior experience in tracking was as a hunting dog is getting the credit for finding a 3-year-old missing boy in louisiana. 3-year-old ely alcoct decision
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a hunting dog named honey was brought into help and fracked down ely about an hour into -- tracked down ely about an hour into the search. his owner was thrilled because he's only sniffed out deer in the past. >> the pressure is on because you're asked to come and perform something that you've never done before. >> ely's mother said the toddler doesn't remember much about what happened. she did plan to tell him when he's older -- she does plan to tell him when he's older how honey saved his life. in this case the grass is greener on the other side and the elk jumped the fence to get to it. >> i love the local herd up there hanging out all over town. too fun. the storm system bringing snow showers to the high country, it's going to mean gusty winds probably for lower elevations. >> they'll stick around a few days, when they'll start
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it was pretty nice today, don't you think? >> it certainly was. i had an umbrella based on last week, but now it turned out really nice, kathy. >> it has. i have a red umbrella for you. >> i've never had a red umbrella. >> what? we've been here 23 years together? i'm a terrible friend. >> don't worry about drew. we'll just stand in the rain. >> they don't melt. i do.
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>> i have six of them. >> drew actually does have more. >> now we know where they all go. >> yeah. he just takes what he wants. you know how that goes. this is about as exciting as it gets this week. there is a weak front coming through right now and the wind is picking up. we may see a brief rain shower. take your umbrella if you're headed out between now and 7:00, dark skies looking north over the downtown denver skyline and the clouds are just part of the story. the other story is the wind. gusty winds are increasing out of the northwest along the front range foothills. we've got a gust to 40 across berthoud pass, 30 mile-per-hour winds in the vail pass year. the weekend we may see a little wind, brief rain shower around the area, lower 50s which is where we are now at dia. wind have been increasing as this front drops in. here in the backyard it is dry, cloudy skies, 54 here outside the studios. as the front comes in, winds shift east, northeast.
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pueblo, 69 in lamar, way above average in the end of february. 40 serve is the typical high. it doesn't look like a lot on the regional radar composite. we're watching winds increase as this front drops to the south. there's a complex system off to the west that will enhance the snow and wind in the high country and help bring some of those showers to lower elevations. right now we're having a heard time getting these showers on the ground because of the wind just taking that moisture right out of the atmosphere. notice the blowing snowman the foothills and over -- snow along the foothills and over i- 70. snow forecast 1 to 3 inches, no winter weather or travel advisories and the best chance of snow is outside of colorado across the midwest into the northeast, so not overly impressive saying good-bye to february and hello to march. looks good. on the water vapor imagery we can see that moisture here, area of low pressure to the north not holding together very well. the front drops south. we'll be about 10 degrees cooler tomorrow, a sunny day tomorrow with mid-50s, still
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cold air retreating to the north through the midwest to the northeast and the best chance for snow which we're seeing already is on i-70 with some chances of blowing snow. skies clear tonight, mostly sunny tomorrow, the a lot of wind. -- not a lot of wind. the wind does become part of wednesday. concerns of high fire danger, gusts to 40 miles per hour, humidity 10%. 16 tonight in frisco, 25 in greeley the blow, 30 in pueblo. high temperatures tomorrow will be mild but not as warm as today and the wind creating areas of blowing snow on i-70, travelers be aware of that. cloudy and windy in the city of, a stray shower possible between now -- city, a stray shower possible between now and 9:00. temperatures rebound quickly but stay put in the mid-50s. so a nice day, not as warm as today. temperatures trending upward to the upcoming weekend, not a bad looking forecast for our
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as a matter of fact, i have temperatures close to 70 degrees by the second half of next weekend. >> yea! >> doesn't it just feel like spring around here? >> it's wonderful. hope it doesn't rain on me. i don't have an umbrella. good luck to me. >> okay. i'll get you another one. did you lose yours? >> thank you. i'll talk to drew. he's got six. the avalanche part ways with one of their biggest names. >> and mike klis joins drew to talk about all the peyton manning retirement rumors.
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late day selling pushed stocks to a loss today to erase nearly all the market gains for the month. the dow fell 123 points. the s&p lost 15. the nasdaq posted a 32 point
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from colorado sports leader
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>> hi, everybody, the avalanche the most active team in the nhl in today's trade deadline clinging to the final playoff spot. the avs acquired mikkel boedker in exchange for alex tanguay and a couple prospects. boedker is one of the fastest players in the league and has 13 goals this season. avs traded a third round draft pick to new jersey for an enormous defenseman eric jelena who has a big slapshot that should be helpful on the power play. avs also landed forward taylor beck from the islanders. >> hopefully it's going to help. obviously we're in the last spot now and we got to keep playing and keep playing well. so we feel with boedker for sure you're getting a lot of speed there and a guy who can score goals and i absolutely think he's going to complement nathan really well. eric is a big d man. he can skate.
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great shot for the point. wild weekend of rumors regarding peyton manning's future and we're live. 9news broncos insider mike klis is in the sports office. kli and tell, hi, mike. there was a newspaper report manning decided to announce retirement. then the broncos denied it. suddenly the story was softened, sources disappeared. then today a report there at broncos are planning to move on without manning regardless of his decision which is something you've been saying the past three months. >> yeah. you know, this is a little bit of a tough one that. newspaper fed my family for over 17 years, drew. >> i get it. >> but, you know, accuracy is first with the newspapers. there is an element to be accurate. first you try to get the story first because that's what drives people to your media outlets.
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sure why it was so muched or anything, but -- softened or anything, but there is a little pressure on all of us now. everyone knows an announcement is coming from peyton manning one way or the other and everyone wants to be the one that delivers that news. >> here's a crazy question. what's the truth? >> the truth is peyton manning is still deliberating and aren't we all glad that this is a leap day, so he has one more day to make up his mind, but he is going to -- from what i've been told, he's going to take the rest of this week before making his decision. he does have to make it a week from tomorrow because the broncos will cut him in lieu of that $19 million salary. he's still not coming back to broncos. the question is whether he needs more time to deliberate whether to play someone else. >> they want to send him out the right way. thanks, mike. we are going to play drew's clues. clue no. 1, he was dealt to the toronto blue jays for jose reyes seven
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2, he's angry with rockies management and quoted in usa today this morning saying i'll never talk to those people. you get lied to straight to your face. you get upset. no. 3, he also said the rox new spring training complex is like a country club and guys got comfortable because it was so nice. the answer is blue jays short stop troy tulowitzki. >> that's so depressing. >> hopefully he gets over it at some point because there need to be probably a decade from now a jersey retirement ceremony in. my opinion he's the greatest rocky of all time. they will have to retire no. 2 at some point. >> we'll miss him.
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tonight, the klan controversy exploding around donald trump after refusing to condemn the kkk's former leader. what he's saying now and what we found him saying years ago. plus, tensions boil over at trump's rally, and tonight some republican leaders alarmed are scrambling to stop him. school shooting emergency. all-out chaos as police say a 14-year-old suddenly opened fire in the cafeteria. taking the stand. an emotional erin andrews tells the jury about her hotel nightmare as a stalker secretly taped her and posted the video for


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